What Direction Now? Life at the intersection…

While there’s still something left to save


“There’s just two ways to lose yourself in this life, and neither way is safe…”


I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’re all broken in some way, some more apparently than others perhaps, but all of us deeply, every one of us a unique shard fallen from a masterpiece that we so desperately seek to rejoin, to regain some sense of rightness, reason and peace. We think we have to step on the heads of those around us to reach this goal of wholeness, blind to the fact that the solution is not in the sky, but on the ground, we all fit together somehow, no part more important than the next, and rather than just shatter each other even further, we can find our purpose in first seeing ourselves for the beautiful broken creatures that we are, then helping one another to pick up all of the pieces and bond them back together, never minding the chips and chunks we’ve lost along the way.


Why is pain
such an engrained
fact of living,
of existing here,
and why are
our own hands
so often the agents
whether through
blunt, blinded
or through the
attrition of
Been hearing stories bout the end of the world, but I’m in love with a girl & I don’t wanna leave her…


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  • Andrew, I think that you are going to be the next Steven King! All the words you put together fulfill one another. Every metaphor is on its place, and the text is a whole. Thank you for your writing. Please continue! I am sure I am not the only one waiting for other posts.

    • Well, Andriy, it’s certainly a great surprise to hear from you! Thank you for your words and feedback! I’ll do my best to post some more good stuff for you!

What Direction Now? Life at the intersection…

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Andrew Cartwright grew up in Indianapolis, IN, but has lived over the years in such places as Denver, CO; Fairfax, VA; and Rivne, Ukraine. He is a former nonfiction editor for both Indiana Review and phoebe; he has also worked for the intersectional feminist journal, So To Speak, and the national literary magazine, Electric Literature. His work has appeared in The Normal School Online, Copper Nickel, Esquire Ukraine, Literary Hub, and Word Riot.

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