What Direction Now? Life at the intersection…

What these arms are for


Jon - Summer

Stunrise, disguising the skies as perfect tapestries, trapping eyes upward, above the trees, those easily equal objects of awe,

10,000 leaves sashay, a green-clad ballet, free for anyone willing to watch, match the wind’s frenzied pace today

or swap secrets with the bees, fleeing funnel clouds while biting back the urge to turn around and see,

trying to please the plea-ridden deity with painfully common compliments, lacking any lay complaints,

steeping the saints in overplayed praise while straying from their wisdom with every step, heaping prayers at the kiss-smoothed feet of statues with eyes uplifted once again,

but misusing every breath besides, blind to the sublime depths and heights so ready to be seen, we can find purpose in simple service, sinking anchors to stem the need and hunger,

their underlying sickness seeds of greed and rancor, which unseat the truth that life is not just one long fight, which eat away our common roots, both weak and strong alike,

we bleed and let bleed when instead we can seek to weave the pain into a song, one that starts out loud and blue,

but slowly loosens, lower sets and settles, fading down into a cool purple calm.
Just when you wanna give up that’s when a star is born…

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What Direction Now? Life at the intersection…

About Andrew.

Andrew Cartwright grew up in Indianapolis, IN, but has lived over the years in such places as Denver, CO; Fairfax, VA; and Rivne, Ukraine. He is a former nonfiction editor for both Indiana Review and phoebe; he has also worked for the intersectional feminist journal, So To Speak, and the national literary magazine, Electric Literature. His work has appeared in The Normal School Online, Copper Nickel, Esquire Ukraine, Literary Hub, and Word Riot.

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