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This is the 13th day of the project—but not the thirteenth entry, as somehow I posted twice on 8 July, did I really do that without realizing it? Whatever, maybe I’m a machine without memories—it’s the 13th day, but I didn’t know that until just now when I looked back and counted. I had a discussion with my boss and a coworker today about the difference between irony and coincidence…and now I’ve come up with a pretty big coincidence myself. Read further to find out more (I swear I didn’t know what number I was on before I wrote this earlier today)…


Going up in an unknown elevator only later seeing that the thirteenth floor is here called fourteen.

And even if I were on to believe in bad luck, what difference does a name make, would staying on fake fourteen really keep a superstitious dupe from freaking out, or would the base jumper pulling his chute feel cheated as the ground came up a bit too soon?

Blue sky not quite as highly scraped and clouds playing peek-a-boo games with crowds of crows never know nor even suspect on sunny days, as their reflections climb up one-by-one, that they should somehow skip the invisible windows after twelve.

So, listen now, architects and overseers, building planners and engineers, no self-aware human being is fooled by seeing three more floors go by, after riding or climbing past the tenth, to at last arrive at level fourteen. Please stop the insanity at once, treat us as if we’re better than meatheads, and for the love of humanity, let thirteen come back into the stack!
All I wanna do is…BICYCLE!

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What Direction Now? Life at the intersection…

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