What Direction Now? Life at the intersection…

A city boy before (Dear Shadwick)


Provider biding time to ride the rails in search of need, heeding little warning signs to mine the fine line fractures between skull plates and pate and sated with weighty graciousness, giving feeling like potato sack needs, bleeding into air, beaded drops blending with bees, helium heavy and floating fine in between breathing heedless people, seeding into brain stem and interstitial DNA, blameless gray head bowed against eyes but not age, no wage to wear against the wind blowing cold as black ice, slipping against the summer curb, disturbing urgent errands with surgical carelessness, fairly well known is this bone-dry blowhard biting back a tongue tinged with pepper rage, ginger sage against the daytime plague of rosemary and thyme to take the trash out, Shadwick, time to say fare thee well to the borough of scars and star tissue, farewell without welfare barely able to cross the promenade without nodding off from hunger and fatigue and prominent pleading people reach ears far more readily than even steady unknown poor folk, overshown shiners from a world gone mindless with self and tribe, hang high the shelf so no one but the giants can reach, teach the tiny to bury and burrow, and to borrow a phrase, this bridge over no water is troubling me, even as I am on the other side my other is all the same to you, to whom it may concern, I’m trying to say something but my tongue has shriveled up and shrunk, bloodless and bitten and scarred, never mind scared, never sacred minded, never mining deeper truths, on sainted ground or otherwise 
I planted those seeds down too deep, they’ll die and never see the sun

(Inspiration and title from “Mont Blanc” by Quiet Hollers)

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What Direction Now? Life at the intersection…

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Andrew Cartwright grew up in Indianapolis, IN, but has lived over the years in such places as Denver, CO; Fairfax, VA; and Rivne, Ukraine. He is a former nonfiction editor for both Indiana Review and phoebe; he has also worked for the intersectional feminist journal, So To Speak, and the national literary magazine, Electric Literature. His work has appeared in The Normal School Online, Copper Nickel, Esquire Ukraine, Literary Hub, and Word Riot.

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