Murgical Sesh

I don’t exactly know what “surgical mesh” is but it sounds like what my nightmares are made of. Beware what may become ensnared in that hellish dream catcher, well-meaning wishers. It’s enough to the shrink even the most manly stature. Watch my own pride melt before my shaky wide eyes, watering with quaking terror upon […]

Butterfly or Biplane

Butterfly or biplane, covering the camera lens, each ancient in its own way, depending on the timeframe, predating me by decades or millennia, reverse respectively, each decoratively protective, though in different degrees and sizes—still it’s hard for the eye to distinguish anything for certain when it lies that close in front. And even so, I […]


She said I’d need octopus eyes to be able to see as many cameras as I had up on the screen, I chuckled, said, yeah, for sure, and she went back to her work. But, I could no longer concentrate on mine, partly because I do, in fact, try to watch too many cameras at once, but mostly because […]

Nothing Lasts Forever…

Throw the man a bone, but don’t forget the wipe the slobber off first, at worst, awash in gum-stuck dreams, we’ll have to cut his long hair clean off, dirty the sterling scissor blades, but have a lock to hang inside your pendant, when that stock picture shows itself to the crowd, shout loudly that […]

Driving Lines

How did I never know until today that Nissan made a car called “the Stanza” (though I heard long ago of the Versa from those episodes of Heroes when Hiro had yet to go to the future to learn better English)? And now I wonder where all of the other poetic vehicles are: the Saturn Synecdoche, the […]

Which one are you again?

If this is my brother’s birthday, then why does my sister not know it? Show my mother his picture and she will say, “Not mine,” but I would sign the line affirming his name as a fixture in my life, state under oath that this man has always been my brother and always will be. […]


Mister, mister, have you seen my sister, have you been the boy that kissed her, how could I have ever missed her, mister, twist her, twister, pistol-whipper, whip and blister bones with bluster, muster mustard moaning faster, fast and pass the cast list master, mass the passing stash of cats or drag the blasting blasted […]

Little Jimmy

Sit down, Little Jimmy, and I’ll tell you a story… The elf balloon was first given as a tribute, a gift to the queen of cats, who hissed along with the subtly shrinking rubber sphere, which, unbeknownst to the cuckold elf, had snuck a quick, pin-prick kiss with a pine tree branch, on the way […]

Something Something Something

Forgotten banana for the elephant’s meal, making all and sundry squeal with it’s mournful tuba soul, stay true to your spool of thought thread when writing students, writing students, so that you stories of school won’t be so spasmodic and cliche, go kick the ball through the uprights but leave the ego behind, leave the […]