What Now?


A sound slung lowly, slowly, into the echo chamber. I’ve moved and moved back (and moved again)—and so has the site itself since its last listed entry.

Unfortunately, some bits were lost in transit, musings mine no more, set free like doves or bubbles to float again among their brethren in the ether. Some lines might have lived on, survived to flourish elsewhere but didn’t. Oblivious others deserved their final fates—they wouldn’t have been able to breathe on their own out in the open.

Regardless, this may—may this?—begin again, if not in earnest, then at least in good faith.


See you soon…
I’m here for you, she said, And we can stay for a while…

P.S. Translation with less obfuscation: The site has been down for over a month as it was migrated to a different host (sounds creepy and…uh…parasite-y…) domain. Several posts were lost in the process, so this is (hopefully) a fresh start. Thanks!

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