I don’t remember

I don’t remember if I locked the truck or not
though a faint beep is still echo-bouncing
around my brain, so just to be sure,
I press the button twice again—HONK!—
nice hat, lady! but your boyfriend’s shorts
are on fire—oh, sorry, that’s your brother,
you say, and his pants are not aflame either
way? It’s just the design? (But he’s still a liar,
eh? nah nah boo boo) okay, well anyway,
wait, what am I doing? where am I going?
Did I lock my truck?—HONK!—good morning
back at you, sir! even though you have to know
it’s well after noon, or maybe you don’t, kept
inside this ER building all day as you nurses
are wont to be. or maybe you say it sarcastically,
sir? a semi-caustic comment on the fact that it’s
four p.m. and I look like I just got up? How droll,
sir. one more piece of that cheese and you’re
on a roll. ha ha, oh. okay, well anyway, wait…
where am I? what am I? did I?—HONK!—
ooooooh, ice cream truck! bouncing tinkling
jingles off the asphalt, down the routes and
round-the-bouts, making neighborhood roads
and cul-de-sacks just a little bit colder for a moment,
and at least briefly sweeter. stop! STOP! I want a
rocket pop, the kind with blue, then white, then
red on top (do I remember right?) okay, well
I’m almost sure by now I’ve locked my truck, but
I’ll give it one more try—HONK!—still how can I
be certain unless I’ve seen the lever go down in
person? does this—HONK!—clicker even—HONK!—
work? okay, well anyway…
We feel nothing so jump into the fog…

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