From Prague to Praha

Ancient rivers can still surprise, hidden behind high-rising hills, cobbled streets lined with boxy buildings, filled with butchers, bankers, bakers, chemists, cops and kings of Eastern European industry, or so the billboards say, braying and bragging in swaying flaps of script—or so I imagine they say, so it only seems to me, because though I […]

Crying Out (Loud)

Slide the crying toddler aside with one hand and with the other stroke his hair, saying, “Look! See there!” and pointing at a yawning cat to distract him from the stacks of shattered plates and broken bowls. Show the boy a songbird singing or a crystal raindrop falling from a cotton cloud, hanging down from […]

Signs of the Time – Pour Over Coffee

“Pour over coffee” off the mark for me because lately beans have left me shaky, crazy achy in chest and brain, strained and straining, draining and strangely dripping out, from nose and eyes and ears, everywhere but mouth. I’m mute and dumbfounded, soundless, drowning in a different cafe every day. Perhaps, you’ll say I’m wallowing, […]

What Now?

Hello? A sound slung lowly, slowly, into the echo chamber. I’ve moved and moved back (and moved again)—and so has the site itself since its last listed entry. Unfortunately, some bits were lost in transit, musings mine no more, set free like doves or bubbles to float again among their brethren in the ether. Some lines might have lived on, survived […]


Alarm pole doldrums pounding in my ears like snares, wearing paradiddles like rudimentary fatigues, cement seagulls screeing overhead and behind eyes, sigh the sea breeze gently being, baying today, a cloud gray hound bringing nothing more than wind in his teeth, and that’s so much better than the rat which carries fleas that carry itching […]